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Training your clients to be the best version of themselves requires you to step into a deeper level of coaching. Optimal fitness stems from the essential triangle — the integration of body, mind, and spirit — an approach that empowers you and your clients to take control of workouts in a more transformative way. 

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Meet Catt Tripoli, the Creator of Conscious Fitness

Catt Tripoli, also known as Cathey Palyo in competition, is a former professional bodybuilder. For over 30 years, Catt has been a creative force in the health and fitness field, helping others work continuously towards becoming the best versions of themselves inside and out. 


Bodybuilding is personal for Catt. This sport saved Catt’s life by equipping her with outer strength as well as inner resilience. 


Catt’s background hasn’t always been spiritual. She was raised in an apocryphal religious belief system that severely restricted both aspirations and involvement with the outside world. After digging deep to find the courage to break away and seek her own path, she was able to quickly raise through the amateur ranks and earn her pro card. Catt earned the overall title at the Ms. Universe competition in Singapore in 1986. In 1988, she won the Ms. International contest (now the Arnold Classic), which was the highlight of her professional bodybuilding career. 


Catt has been featured on the covers of Muscular Development and Muscle & Fitness, as well as in several international fitness publications in Belgium, France, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Greece. She was only the second woman to be featured on the cover of Flex, bodybuilding’s premier magazine.