"Knowledge is only a rumor until it lives in the muscle."

Elevate How You Lead Your Athletes With Conscious Fitness

Conscious Fitness is a transformative holistic approach to training and developing athletes of all skill levels. Discover inspiring ways to empower your athletes through body, mind, and spirit.


Discover a Transformative and Multidimensional Fitness Experience


Too often, we take how miraculous our body is for granted. Supporting and understanding your body starts with loving it fully. When you love your body, you’re more likely to nurture and support it by eating right, keeping fit, and staying intentional about rest and relaxation.


Our conscious mind holds us back out of fear, but our subconscious is a field of unlimited potential. When we discover how to take control of our mind and use it as a tool, we’re able to harness its power and focus with intention, allowing mind and body to consistently perform


A fit, organized body is the best home for our spirit.Your mind acts as an antenna to channel the energy around your body, into the body. When that energy is in resonance, the spirit, or higher consciousness and flow states, happen more frequently.

Feel Confident and Aligned
in Your Practice

As a coach, you know that effective training goes far deeper than workouts and weights. It’s about helping clients tune out the noise of the world, and tune into their body, inner voice, and deeper wisdom. Conscious Fitness shows you how to empower your clients to create and maintain an intimate interconnection between body, mind, and spirit.


Catt Tripoli, also known as Cathey Palyo during competitions, is a former amateur and professional world champion bodybuilder. For over 42  years she has worked in the health and fitness field, empowering herself and others to achieve their goals. Today, Catt is grateful to live in Northern California with two Siamese cats, Tofu and Miso, and two exuberant Bull Terriers, Enzo and Gnocchi.


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